Past Rants


I hate to do this, but school is killing me... I don't want to rush off crappy comics anymore. Well, not too crappy... BOMC will be back on Monday, the 11th. I just need this weekend to catch up on things and get my buffer back (it was 4 months long, what happened?). 


I've been thinking about getting a forum for BOMC... I was planning on waiting until Keenspace got back it's forum sign-up, but since that probably won't be happening anytime soon... Anyways, here is a poll to help me make my decision:


Updated the cast page. Also, i believe my scanner is working. Hurrah.


Added a bunch of new pictures to the Other Stuff page. Check them out. 


Well, in case you've been wondering, I'm not dead. My family's computer, however, is. And my laptop didn't have the internet. You can see the dilemma. 

However, I've now got the net on my laptop, so I can update this. BUT my scanner doesn't hook up to my laptop, so no scanning comics for a while. luckily, I've got a buffer to the end of August, but if I don't work out something by then we could be looking at some filler.... hopefully it won't come to that.


Today's comic is a completely true story. Which is very, very sad.

Also, from now on I will only be putting comic news and site updates here. Anything else will go in my new Livejournal. Check it out it want, add me to your friends list if you want (I like friends). Or completely ignore it's existence. The choice is yours.

Gallery has been updated.



Visit Summer of Keen. I helped organize it, so you KNOW that it's good!

I am off to go camping now. Wheee! If all goes well, I may post pictures tomorrow. 


There has been a surge of new readers lately, so to them I say: WELCOME NEW READERS! Don't be take aback by the mediocre artwork, it's funny! Please stay and become my friend.

Updated the storylines in the archive. I should update other stuff to, and I will probably get around to that sometime tonight. 

On to non-comic stuff: I actually got in to work yesterday, after not being able to for a week. It sucked. I hate this job already. However, the movie store next door called about an interview, so hopefully I can get a job their and quit this one. 

Oh yeah, and today's message is brought to by HASHBROWNS! They're like french fries, only flat! 


Urgh. I still haven't work a day at my new job. My boss was supposed to call me last night and tell me if I'm working, but she didn't. Grrrr...

Also, I have to apologize for the horrible text in the next few comics. I will make it better eventually, I promise I will.

Visit God of Tarot.

Yesterday my budgie Kiwi got caught up in a string off the curtain. It was quite scary, he was panicking and wouldn't hold sill long enough to get the string  off his foot. But we got it off and he's better now. Yay.


Random art 4 u.

Little do most of you know that I don't plan on doing BOMC forever.

*collective gasp from readers* 

Yes, it's true. I plan on doing it until it is no longer interesting (which shouldn't be for a long time). But, when that happens, I want to take a turn in a different direction. Yup, that means a serious comic. 

Well, not too serious. But one with an ongoing plot and fleshed out characters and that sort of thing. And I'm already planning it (story-wise). However, I know that I am not a good enough artist to draw the kind of story I want to do. 

So, when I am not drawing BOMC, I am practicing. Constantly practicing drawing hands, poses, faces, characters, backgrounds everything. Just to get better. And I decided that it was a shame to draw all that and have no one see it, so periodically I will post a picture up here and hope for feedback. The above drawing was one I did to practice my poses and shading. 

Oh yeah, and Stuffed's 50th comic is this week. Check it out or face my wrath.



Yesterday started a three day tribute to Jane Eyre, one of my favourite books of all time (in case you didn't know, the song in Monday's comic from from the musical version of Jane Eyre). These 3 comics are in my opinion, my best work, so you damn well better enjoy them.

On a completely different topic, I got a job yesterday. Hurr-ay. I work at a fish and chips cart downtown. I was supposed to go in today, but it's raining so my boss called me and told me I don't have to come in. I think I will use the extra time today to draw some more comics. 


Check out the fun Continuing Story going on in the Keenspace Forums.

Also, thanks to JPSloan, rkolter, cjburgandy, BRP, christwriter, [AOD], BryanOlsson, Ti-Phil, Skylark_King, axonite, mcDuffies, Vorticus, Alaina, Patch, Warren, Jim North,  and JexKerome, for congratulating BOMC on it's 50th comic. Cheers! (Actually, to be fair, McDuffies didn't actually say "congratulations". But it was implied :P)

I went to see Shrek 2 again with my mum. It was just as funny the second time, and I remembered to stay after the credits for the extra bit. I treated, because I didn't get Mum a B-day present back in February.

Free Comic Book Day was okay. Jen and I went to our two local comic book sotres, but neither had the Keenspot or Keenspace books.  

Oh yeah, and I made a small banner. It's in the links section


There's actually some stuff in the Cartoonist page now. Check it out. And don't mind the large amounts of stuff in all caps with many !!!'s after them in the habitat page. I was very, very tired.

Also, yesterday BOMC became 50 strips old. Yay. 


Today, as you can see above, is Canada Day. W00t.

I have started scripting out a lengthy storyline for September, and drew the first 3 strips for it. It is very exciting, since this is the first time I have scripted out anything in this comic... When I started, I planned to script nothing and just make it up as I go along, but... Well, let's just say it would be very confusing if I did that for this story line. Don't worry, it's not angsty or anything.

This has no real relevance, but I finally got to see Some Like it Hot... I had been waiting to see that movie forever, and I finally borrowed it from my aunt. It was very hi-larious. I recommend it highly. 


Lotsa news today, better get started...

First of all, the fantabulously morbid guest strip today is by AOD, whose comic It's The End Of The World should be viewed by you immediately. (Note: After today, the guest strip will be moved to the gallery, so look for it there.)

Secondly, today is the start of a new storyline. And today we introduce two new characters; Krystal and Selina. Krystal, you will probably never see again (sorry, Krys). Selina, well... we'll see how many funny things she does around me. 

And, last of all... I've obtained some prom and grad pics from Jen and my aunt, so I will soon be scanning them and putting them in the Other Stuff section (yes, that section will finally have stuff in it). 

I guess that's it. I have to go put the budgies back in their cage before they poop on me...


I got a laptop for graduation, ladeedadeedaadaa! I am very excited about that, it'll be great once I get the net hooked up to it and everything. 

And a special thanks goes out to a good citizen who had an intervention for Laura. You're good people, man. Good people. 


Woo, haven't said anything here for a while. I have been quite busy, with all the graduation activities (prom, for example). As you may guess from today's comic, we all graduated today. The ceremony was good, not too long. One weird thing; as you walk across the stage, they announce any words you won. And it seems I won some award that I have never heard of and didn't apply for. I must look into that. 

Jen took 120 pictures at the prom, so once she e-mails me the good ones (which could be a while) I will post them up.

And now for something completely different: I went to see Shrek 2 yesterday with Claire. It was very funny, I want to see it again. 



Made a new new site design. I like the buttons. They're snazzy.

I did a guest strip for Role of the Die today, (it's the 50th strip extravaganza all week there, didn't you know?). So go check it out, and stay for the rest of the guest strips. I'm also told there will be punch and pie.  

If you say you like my comic, that means I love you.


Trying out a new site design. This one is a bit more exciting. The logo, you'll notice, is less crappy.... almost foreboding, warning you of the HORRIFYING comic you are about to read! Muwahahahahahahaha...etc.

In other news, I ended up buying a dress instead of making one. There just wasn't enough time, plus I was scared that I would screw it up. But the dress I bought was nice... I'd post pics of it, but it's at the tailor's (had to get it taken in a bit). 


Every single morning, my sister's alarm clock goes off. And every single morning, she sleeps through it for a good half hour before turning it off. But I am up and getting ready to leave by then, so I can hear it, just faintly, until I leave. It bugs the crap outta me. Just thought I'd get that off my chest. 



I bought the pattern for my Prom dress! Hurrah! Here's a picture of it (I tinkered with the colours to make it green, which is what colour my cloth is). I am too giddy.... pretty dresses have that effect on me. Weeeheehee!!!







Bleh.... I kept thinking of stuff I wanted to write here all day, and now that I'm home I can't think of anything to say! I'm thinking of cutting my hair short and red, anyone have any thoughts? If I find a good haircut in a magazine I'll scan it and put it here.

My digital camera isn't working. It only takes pictures when I plug it in, not when it has batteries. Ah, well, it was a crap camera anyways...




I updated a lot of stuff on the website this weekend. You will notice the Links, Archives, Cast and Gallery pages all have new stuff on them. The most exciting is the Gallery; it's proof that I can draw well, I just choose not to. I also added a past rants link at the bottom of this, because it was getting a tidbit long.

In other exciting but less relevant news, we bought The Return of the King on Friday. I spent most of Saturday night and Sunday morning watching the special features. Billy Boyd is my hero. I want to keep him under my bed. 

Today's comic introduces a new character: Ori. Be nice to her, she's good people. 


In case you didn't know (and why wouldn't you) that delightful character in the last panel is Benzion from a spiffy little comic called Broken Glass. Go read it, it's good for you.

I am on the mend now. My cough would be gone, but I kept choking on water today, so it persists. Bleh, I say, bleh.


You know, I really like making webcomics. I like coming up with a funny idea, I like drawing that idea. I like scanning the comic, fixing it. I like uploading the comic, and the feeling of accomplishment that gives me.

What I DON'T like is when my stupid markers dry out after 3 weeks, and I have to rotate them, only using each one til it doesn't mark as well and then moving on to the next. That makes drawing comics suck. 

Luckily, I got some new markers, so I can go back to happy cartoonist instead of angry, bitter cartoonist. Huzzah.

On another note, I am still sick. I tried going in to my assistant teaching position today, but I lost my voice, so the teacher sent me home. Didn't even bother going in to regular school this afternoon.

However, I managed to get a lot of work done today. Uploaded a ton of comics. Now, even if I disappear off the face of the planet tomorrow, this comic will continue to update until mid July. Go me.


Drowsy cough medicine is the worst thing invented. EVER. I took some on Friday so I could have a nap, because I didn't sleep much the night before, and it was soooooo trippy. I felt like I was getting bigger and smaller at the same time, and I couldn't stop moving my legs. I did sleep for about an hour though. I decided to try it again before I went to sleep that night. It took my forever to get to sleep, and I woke up at 5:30. So, what does one do when one wakes up at 5:30am? One reads Far Side comics. :)

On a related note, I keep a piece of paper next to my bed, so that if I get an idea during the night I can write it down. I woke up yesterday morning and written on it was "scared of ponies". It took me an hour to figure what the hell that meant. But I can't tell you, because it was an idea for a comic. You'll find out in two months >:)

I also have my e-mail at the top of the page now, so you can send me any comments, criticisms, or even fan art!


Hurrah, that's two weeks I've kept to the 5-day up

s and those not yet scanned, and I've drawn 60! Seeing as 21 comics are already in the archives, that means I have the next 7 weeks and 4 days already drawn. Happy day.

Now, that was what is good about today. What is bad about today is that I am sick as a dog. I'm not going to school today, which bugs me because we're were supposed to film a scene of our movie in drama class. I think my group may kill me, since I'm in the scene. Ah, well, they still have another scene I'm not in, they can do that. However, being sick as I am, I will probably draw a lot of comics today. I was sick yesterday too, and I drew 3 comics and wrote down what order they will go in. Yay for productivity. 

date schedule. Yesterday I counted all of the comics I had drawn, including those already in the archive