by Grace Smith

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Real People

Grace- The main character of the strip. She will usually obsess about one thing for a month, and then move onto something else. Grace is quick to anger, but also quick to forgive. She is a master of procrastination, always managing to get in at least 7 hours of doing nothing each day. She also loves South park. 


Jen - Jen was the easiest person to convert from real life to cartoon character. She is wild, over the top, and generally has just watched way too much anime. She carries an ungodly amount of stuff around with her all the time.  


Claire - The local genius of the group, Claire manages to get scarily high grades while holding down several extracurricular activities (naturally, we all hate her for this). Loves the West Wing (the TV show, not the wing).  


Jackie - The only "normal" teenager of the group, which isn't saying much. Jackie's smart, but, like all of us, she has her blonde moments from time to time. Hers just happen more often. 



Ori - Ori is an odd girl. Very competitive, and a complete and total music nerd. Could probably run through a brick wall if she had enough sugar in her.




Laura - Fiercely addicted to Coke (as in Coca-cola, not the horrible drug), and was just a bit heartbroken when our school vending machines stopped carrying it. She's also one bad mutha who doesn't take crap from anyone. 




Selina - Shares Grace's love of South Park and all other forms of rude humour. Was the first person to be able to look through the 4th wall, and therefore generally blamed for making the comic a cliche.




Krystal - Was almost responsible for getting the girls in trouble for partying with Petey. That's pretty much all she has done.




Grace's Sister - Her real name will never be revealed! Also, she is 100% evil.




Suzanne - Has not appeared too much so far, but we have seen that she does not like to go into cold water or do a lot of homework. She does, however, enjoy laughing at Grace... when she deserves it.


Other Characters

Quantum Physics - As the physical form of Quantum Physics, "Quanty" doesn't have much of a social life. He basically just goes around telling people why they're going to fail in life. 


The Alien - He took over for Jen while she was sick. Has a horribly unpronounceable name




Banana Man - A fairly useless superhero.





The Budgies - Both named after comics (Kiwi and Woodstock). Known to themselves as Agent 1 and Agent 2.


Moe Larity - The gay cowboy chemistry teacher from da' hood. Completely unaware of how offensive he is, he just goes around trying to help people learn chemistry.



Petey - Petey is blind, but doesn't let that stop him from getting drunk every hour of the day. Also, he's kind of a pervert.



Sanitation Girl - a superhero that goes around, making sure people are living clean, germ-free lives. Bears a striking resemblance to Laura...hmm...



Searching For Spiritual Faith Girl - She is a supehero that searches for spiritual faith... and she has agnostic boots!



The Ultra Pothead - the arch-nemesis of the Sexy Narcotics Police.


Sexy Narcotics Police - They fight the evil that is The Ultra Pothead, while managing to not fall over frontwards... that's talent.

























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