by Grace Smith

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Fanart I drew for others:             

Katie and Ship from Count Your Sheep Margaret from College Roomies from Hell!!!
Marsha from College Roomies from Hell!!! Portia from Fight Cast or Evade
Gift Art for Kris X of Insanity for the Poor Courtney of Skirting Danger
50th comic gift art for jewellbong of Stuffed  


Fanart I've received:

Banana Man! As drawn by Tom McLean of Grey Nadir A guest strip by AOD of It's the End of the World
The Volet characters wander through BOMC.  Searching For Spiritual Faith Girl, drawn by Eon of God of Tarot. 
Some anonymous fanart (ooooh, myserious!) Second super-spiffy guest strip by AOD
Guest art by ymmot of BoB! Lovely little mini-drama by Mr.Ekshin of The Rules

Part 1, 2, 3

Another by Mr. Ekshin of The Rules Very nice BOMC/RHPS fanart by Jorge Hernandez of Teo and Sara
Nice little skecth by Jim North of Role of the Die Secret Santa art by Kris X of Insanity for the Poor
Some KS forum art from mcDuffies (stems from thread about French eating me) So pretty.... fanart by Alex Miller of Just an Escape
Gust strip by Jed of Protect My Balls Much fanart took place during Jen Appreciation Week: Check it out.

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Other art by me:

My Submission to How Not to Run a Comic : How Not to Do an Action Sequence How Not to Start a Comic
How Not to Do a Flashback I've done various art for Keenreality TV, but am too lazy to make thumbnails of all of it. So just look here, here, here. and here.


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