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Sunday , March 12 , 2006


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  Updates & Rants

That's right, I am finishing BOMC. I will update sporadically for the next month or so until I finish this storyline, and then finito. 

But, never fear, I am not disappearing from webcomics altogether. I am going to spend the summer planning a new strip, which will debut in September. And yes, it will have rough drafts, as well as noses and mouths. I am tired of drawing way below my ability; I want to be able to be proud of every aspect of my comic.

When ended, the BOMC archives will stay here as long as Keenspace is willing to keep them up. 

That is all... for now.


Super-duper update. Updated cast page, fanart page, links, probably other stuff to. If I forgot to include any fanart you sent me, just give me an e-mail or something. 


Happy 2005, all! You may have noticed, the schedule is officially changed to Monday-Wednesday-Friday now. It is is just easier to handle with all the schoolwork I have. Perhaps during the summers I will switch back to daily. The comics will also be coloured from now on, so hurray for that.

<--- Also, notice the new buttons. Click them and be merry. 


Thanks to the ever obliging Megan (aka theflyingkitty in the forums), we now have our very own FORUM. Unless you want her to have gone to all that trouble for nothing, go post in it!


Aaaaaand.... we're back! I am going to update 3 days a week from now on with full comics, and I will also be back-updated the days I missed with one-panel gags and pinups. 

 Past Rants


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